Abdominal Exercises – How to have a flat abdomen

I hope you are making steady progress on your fitness and nutrition goals. Would you like to have your flat and muscular abdomen ? Well, today’s training lesson I had to learn through the bad.

For years I added an unnecessary Black Label X Reviews element to my abdominal exercises that instead of giving me the flat and marked abdomen that I wanted, gave me a marked bulging abdomen. Therefore, my lesson will help you avoid years of asking yourself what you did wrong.

Well-defined goals to get your flat and muscular abdomen

Before talking a little about this exercise to have marked abs that you should not do, let’s talk about your fitness and nutrition goals. This is an important factor that you should know in advance because if one of your goals is to have volume and a conditioned but protruding abdomen, then you may not want to eliminate this particular exercise from your abdominal training.

However, if your goal is to increase your thin muscle mass without fat and have a flat midsection with a stomach with 6 or 8 squares, then you should eliminate this abdominal exercise from your exercise routine.

What you should not do if they want your flat abdomen

The abdominal exercise that you should not do are the abdominal ones with weight. There is nothing wrong with adding abdominals to the days you exercise your abdominal muscles; However, the key in this case is to forget the weights as well as all those devices that supposedly help you do the abs.

Adding regular weights, kettlebells, medicine balls and other devices to your exercises to train the strength of your abs will only serve one purpose: to make volume. If for years you have done these exercises in the gym, now you know why although you have exercised very hard you still do not have that flat, firm and marked abdomen with which you have always dreamed. I just saw many people in the gym training to take weights of 25, 40 or 50 pounds (11, 18 or 22 kilos) and then do their abs with abandon.

You may not believe that these exercises are adding volume, but they are doing it. That is why you have not developed that firm abdominal section for which you have worked so hard.

Even if you don’t believe me, see for yourself. Simply remove these accessories from your abdominal exercises and only use your own weight as resistance. Do this for at least 2 to 3 weeks and believe me when I tell you: you will see a noticeable decrease in the volume around your abdominal section.

Tips to have some marked and thin abs

You say you want marked and thin abs clearly visible to anyone who dares to look at them, and you’re willing to work to achieve them, right? In that case you need to be sure that you not only do the entire range of movement during abdominal exercises, but also ensure that the key elements are present to perform them.

Do not forget to breathe while you do them, when you forget to do it you are depriving your body of something it really needs: oxygen. This is a basic advice that even the most rookie of bodybuilders knows; however, it is always useful to remind you!

Very well, the key to having a marked and thin abs is to contract your muscles during the exercise so that they are really working. You should also make sure that you do a high number of repetitions in each series. Do not settle for 10 or 15 repetitions, increase the intensity until you feel Black Label X your abdomen burning. Finally, do not forget to apply all your effort in each movement, that allows you to know that you are breathing and that you are doing well to maximize your results.

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