Advantages of bunk beds for children

When it comes to choosing a nursery, the child’s personal needs play an important role, as do various safety aspects. Since the rooms, which are provided in apartments for use as a nursery, are often narrower, it is also important to find space-saving furniture as possible. Loft beds for children meet all the criteria mentioned, are available in a wide variety and convince through a variety of added value.

Most children automatically move to the bunk beds in the furniture exhibition. – They promise a lot of fun due to their special structure and arouse the spirit of adventure. The bandwidth of the bunk beds is very large, which is why they can be optimally satisfied with different wishes and needs. For each age group and each room size can therefore find a suitable model.

A lot of function in a small space

A big advantage of children’s high beds (see source: ) is that they take up only little space and so much of the floor is popular with children as a playground. Here, the bed models are particularly recommended in which the space under the sleeping area is still available for free play. If the load-bearing frame of the bed is provided with curtains, a cavernous area is created, where the child can withdraw and “hide from the world”.

For very small rooms, a loft bed is recommended in which the area under the sleeping area can be used functionally. For example, there are beds that have a small wardrobe or a storage space. However, it should also be considered that the wardrobe usually has to be “filled” by mom or dad, which can lead to back problems due to the child-friendly dimensions. For a desk under the bed, the light conditions in the room should be checked in advance. Ideal would be a supply of natural light. If this can not be realized, one should think about how the workplace under the bunk bed can be optimally lit artificially.

Children’s loft beds are available in different heights so that a restrictive selection can be made that takes into account the child’s age and individual abilities. Even with a low ceiling height, it may be useful to choose a high bed with low or medium height, so that the distance between the bed and the ceiling is not too low and the child can only crawl in bed move.

Themed room easily furnished

Thematically designed children’s rooms are very popular among the children : little princesses, daring robber barons, daring kickers, best pony friends or daring pirates want an environment that “hijacks” them directly into their dream worlds.

Manufacturers of cots know about this feature and go with their collections on it. Even with the bunk beds there is therefore the whole spectrum of childlike fantasies, so that mum and dad can already lay a first great foundation for a harmonious themed room by choosing a thematically matching bed model.

Two sleeping places with the space requirement of one

If two children share a room or are expected to visit more often, a bunk bed is the best choice to give as little space as possible. In classic models, both beds of the bunk bed are arranged directly above one another, so that two beds are virtually accommodated on the surface of a bed. In other bunk beds, the lower bed is rotated 90 degrees and only partially under the upper bed accommodated.

The own indoor playground is always open

Children’s bunk beds often have much more to offer than a place to sleep: in addition to the above-mentioned “cave” behind curtains, there are models with slide, climbing wall, tunnel or canopy over the bed and tower-like cladding for the ladder or slide. With such a bed, a real small indoor playground moves into the nursery, which can be used in any weather.

Care should be taken

When buying a loft bed, safety plays an important role, as the child should of course not be pinched or injured. In addition, it should be protected against falling.

Some tips for choosing and using a children’s loft bed:

The fall protection should project the mattress at least 16 cm in height. An even higher designed fall protection is to be given preference, because here even in wilder gymnastics exercises in the state more protection is offered. The distance between individual boards of the fall protection should be so tight that the child can not stick his head through (clear distance between 6 and 7.5 cm).

At the ladder or stairway that leads up to the bed above, the steps should have a width of at least 30 cm and a usable depth of at least 9 cm.

If the ladder / stairs are attached to one side of the bed, the fall protection should be interrupted here for about 30 to a maximum of 40 cm.

To avoid tipping over the loft bed, the bed should be securely fixed to the wall.

All screw connections should be tightened as tightly as possible during the construction of the bed, checked regularly and tightened if necessary.

The slatted base of the upper bed should be firmly in the frame einliegen or ideally screwed tight so he can not fall down.

It is recommended to provide accident-prone areas on the bed or in the bed area with noctilucent elements, so that the child sees in the dark, where “danger” threatens and moves accordingly prudent.

If you decide to buy a loft bed that meets the requirements of DIN EN 747 , you can be sure that all important safety aspects are taken into account.

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