Delicious recipe for hot cakes designed for our vegan and vegetarian friends made with oatmeal, wheat flour and milk of vegetable origin. A healthy breakfast is essential to Yeah Keto start the day and perform at maximum on our day-to-day tasks, such as attending school or having a great dayContinue Reading

The descending series is a technique to lift weights that are designed to adapt to any type of exercise and serve to increase muscle gain. Muscle mass gain is closely related to daily training routines that are mainly based on weightlifting (although there are other disciplines that use the sameContinue Reading

This is the last somatic type we have left to talk about, the mesomorphs . This is basically the best of the three, both to Flow Fusion gain muscle and to lose fat . Below you have advice about exercise routine and others for a mesomorph. The mesomorphs general characteristicsContinue Reading