Avoid pollutants in the nursery and create living space with simple tips

The impending birth of a child is such a joyous event that the expectant parents often can not wait until it finally starts. By the latest in the last weeks of pregnancy, the woman has usually enough of the pregnancy and wishes that the baby is finally here. Sooner or later, most children in Germany will have their own children’s room. What is there to pay attention to, so that it is particularly comfortable there?

Low-emission living

The health of the child is always an important issue for parents. Therefore, it is also important for the nursery as low-pollution furniture, carpets, curtains and wallpaper are used, because children have a much weaker immune system than adults, so they are much more sensitive to pollutants.

Chemistry in flooring and carpet

Those who are not careful that the nursery equipment is low in pollutants, could reach for floor coverings with flame retardants or carpets with plasticisers and still think that he is doing something good for the child. Wrong thinking, because these remedies can even cause infertility later in the child, so are very dangerous. It makes sense, if possible, to rely on natural products and nursery equipment. More about healthy children’s room here.

Allergic risk rises

As an expectant father, make sure that your pregnant wife is not near any floor coverings that have just been laid. The sensitivity to allergies is already established in the womb. And this not only increases the likelihood of allergies , but also respiratory problems.

Pollution pollution in old buildings

Pollution pollution in old buildings is often significantly higher for several reasons than in new buildings. It can occur:

asbestos-containing floor coverings

Carcinogenic substances in roof insulation

radioactive conspicuous building materials

Therefore, before any renovation, a biological examination is recommended. In addition, you should refrain in particular from conventional emulsion paints, synthetic carpets and curtains as well as resin-coated furniture. Solid wood furniture and linen and cotton fabrics are the better choice.

Renovate as soon as possible

If you want to make a nursery, you should do it as soon as possible, because the pollutants in the floor covering and co need some time to leave the material. Immediately after a renovation, the pollution is always particularly high, so postpone the renovation until shortly before birth.

Contain electrosmog

An interesting point is also the electrosmog in the nursery. The baby monitor should be as far away as possible from the baby bed so that the radiation is as low as possible. Better yet, you’re using a low-radiation model right away. You can also turn off the Wi-Fi at night. A good way to protect against electric smog while saving power is the use of disconnectable and shielded power connectors. They are especially suitable for computers, televisions and Co.

Prevent mold in the nursery

Lime plaster and lime paint have a mildew-inhibiting and health- promoting effect . Other suitable materials are cork, loam plaster and linoleum. An essential role also plays proper ventilation in the nursery. The duration of the ventilation depends on the outside temperature. It is important to be aware of scorching. To do this, open the window properly and create a passage through an opposite window. This ventilation method is very effective and only takes a few minutes. It is best to ventilate several times a day.

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