Best charcoal masks for perfect skin

Like clay, vegetable charcoal eliminates imperfections, especially black dots. It is increasingly used in cosmetics for its purifying abilities. Pure Reviva Derm A true beauty ally! Discover noteworthy selection of products made from coal.

A few months ago, he was flooding the blogs of the influencers of the planet web cosmetics and social networks, on which we saw scrolling videos of girls / women extolling its virtues. It is the masks of coal, now known to be a beauty ally as well as was and still is clay. It is true that vegetable charcoal has a number of advantages in cosmetics, starting with the fact that it cleans, purifies and rids the skin of impurities. But it is especially for his role of the most effective to eliminate blackheads that he is really acclaimed.

The reason ? The charcoal used in the cosmetics industry is at the base of wood heated at very high temperature and without oxygen, so as to give it a very high concentration of carbon. Hence this absorbing capacity so incurably high that makes it an ingredient of choice in cosmetic products and masks at the moment.

Applying a charcoal mask is now a reflex beauty, provided however, to be vigilant and make sure to choose its products. Several products have been denounced by the Federation of beauty companies for their non-compliance with the regulations, which provides that the information is indicated in USA.

Black point charcoal mask

Official enemy black dots for a few months now, the charcoal is the new ally of cosmetics brands and women anxious to restore radiance and light to their skin. This product made from bamboo charcoal attracts to him such a magnet the annoying unwanted black spots and other unsightly impurities. Efficient and affordable, it is applied to certain areas or all over the face.

Foam charcoal mask

Foam version for this charcoal and clay mask. Suffice to say that the product is valuable and effective to restore light to the skin of the face, but also to remove all the multiple impurities that come to embed and accumulate daily. The action of coal is indeed combined with that of clay and proposed here in a foaming gel, simpler and faster to use.

Activated carbon mask

Find a perfect skin with this bamboo charcoal mask that will remove unsightly blackheads in minutes. Apply preferably on a face previously cleaned with hot water to dilate the pores, it will ensure your skin tone and vitality. The “Black Mask” is the essential beauty trend this year, do not miss the benefits of activated carbon.

Organic charcoal mask

Choosing a mask organic charcoal for the face is choosing efficiency combined with quality. This product will prove particularly effective to eliminate excess sebum but more generally impurities encrusted on the face. The skin is purified and cleansed. In short, it is sublimated under the action of this plant product miracle plebiscite for a few months for its absorbing qualities.


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