Can we eat organic when we are pregnant?

Eating organic every day during pregnancy would have health benefits for both the mother and the fetus. What organic food should the pregnant woman prioritize to allow the baby to evolve ? Why promote organic foods is recommended when waiting for a child?

Here are some elements that will allow you to see more clearly.

The main advantage of bio during pregnancy? Limit pesticides

Organic food, is it good or bad for the pregnant woman ? Undeniably, it is advisable to favor this type of diet when one is Advanced Keto Thermo REVIEWS about to give life. Why ?

Not because organic fruits and vegetables are more rich in fiber , vitamins or minerals (which is still unproven) but because they are much less harmful to health because of their non-treatment with pesticides .

In fact, traditional agriculture uses pesticides that are true endocrine disruptors. Eating organic when you are pregnant avoids impacting the good development of the fetus , essential for the future health of the child.

Some studies tend to prove that exposure to pesticides used in agriculture alters the good development, especially cerebral development, of the child to come. Some congenital malformations may also be related to the consumption of foods treated with chemicals . Caring for your baby therefore goes through a healthy and balanced diet.

Which foods to favor to consume organic?

Fruits and vegetables such as cereals are the most impacted by pesticide treatments . Or, consume organic every day at a cost. To take control of your diet and protect your health and the baby’s health, bet on organic food for everything that is consumed as such (such as fruits and vegetables for example) ).

Non-organic meat, whose animals are fed on processed cereals, will have a lower harmful impact on your health than non-organic fruits and vegetables , for example. So be aware of your purchases to meet your budget and prefer local producers to act also for the environment.

By focusing on healthy foods and home-cooked meals, you’ll also avoid taking too much weight, which is just as bad for you. Avoid as much as possible prepared dishes (stuffed with preservatives and added sugar) and industrial cakes. Bet on fruits and vegetables from the garden, if you have one, and lean meat or fish.

Eating organic and balanced when Advanced Keto Thermo you are pregnant is therefore a very good idea to promote the proper development of the fetus and limit weight gain.

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