Lactose intolerance refers to abdominal pain, inflammation, diarrhea and others. Know the recommendations to treat it. Lactose intolerance refers to abdominal pain , inflammation, diarrhea, continuous gas and nausea that an individual experiences when eating foods containing lactose. This type of intolerance occurs when the body does not manufacture enoughContinue Reading

Despite all its sun vegetables, Italian cuisine can be high in calories . This is the case with antipasti, s e Rvis to drink, should be consumed in moderation to keep a beautiful silhouette. Antipasti, full of calories during a diet! Ready antipasti can contain up to 224 kcal perContinue Reading

To make a diet involves many sacrifices since the basic rule is to review your diet in addition to regularly practice sports. A little help from Mother Nature would then be welcome to make it easier for us. An old grandma recipe for weight loss is to make an infusion.Continue Reading

Eating organic every day during pregnancy would have health benefits for both the mother and the fetus. What organic food should the pregnant woman prioritize to allow the baby to evolve ? Why promote organic foods is recommended when waiting for a child? Here are some elements that will allowContinue Reading