Cinnamon for weight loss

Learn about the great benefits that cinnamon can bring, especially when losing weight.

Cinnamon is one of the most common spices that we can find. It is the perfect accompaniment for a good cup of coffee, a fluffy bread or even to cook main dishes, and why not, an exquisite dessert. True Keto Boost However, despite its high presence in the gastronomy of many countries, not everyone knows the great benefits it can bring, especially when it comes to losing weight.

Cinnamon benefits

In past times it was used as a remedy for some diseases: diarrhea, bloating, digestion problems, etc.

It is currently known to be ideal for preventing the generation and spread of cancer cells, as well as preventing the formation of ulcers in the stomach, and acting as an antibiotic agent, helping to fight bacterial diseases. It should not be forgotten that cinnamon reduces blood sugar and bad cholesterol levels, thus preventing heart disease and benefiting people with type-2 diabetes (its sweet flavor also serves to calm anxiety about sweet foods that should not be consumed. diabetics).

The thermogenic effect

One of the reasons that cinnamon is known as a food to lose weight, is because after its consumption a thermogenic effect is generated in the body, thus raising its temperature and forcing the metabolism to work faster. for heat regulation. This of course, favors a greater burning of fats.

But not only that, it also influences True Keto Boost how blood sugar turns into fat, and without forgetting that it delays the passage of food from the stomach to the intestine, causing a feeling of satiety much faster and for a longer time.

Cinnamon consumption in the diet

Due to the versatility of cinnamon to incorporate into other foods, its consumption is quite easy, so it is not necessary to submit to eating two tablespoons on its own, per day.

Some recommendations for cinnamon consumption are:

Coffee : Add to a cup of coffee, substituting the sugar for the cinnamon when sweetening.

Green tea: As with coffee, cinnamon can be used as a sweetener.

Oatmeal cup : Add a small portion to an oatmeal plate at breakfast.

Fruits : Some fruits like green apples combine amazingly with cinnamon, so it can be added to a plate with pieces of apple and enjoyed.


It is recommended in all cases, eat it fresh, either on branches, or ground to enjoy it better.

Despite the fact that its effectiveness has been proven to lose weight, it must be borne in mind that without a balanced diet and with the adjusted calories, cinnamon can do little to produce the desired effects. Nor should you forget about exercise, to give that push that is required True Keto Boost when burning fat.

Remember that cinnamon is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women, or children under 6 years.

It is also not recommended for people with Crohn’s disease, or other patients with liver disease.

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