Exercise routine for a mesomorph

This is the last somatic type we have left to talk about, the mesomorphs . This is basically the best of the three, both to Flow Fusion gain muscle and to lose fat . Below you have advice about exercise routine and others for a mesomorph.

The mesomorphs general characteristics

These are characterized by having a normal bone structure , neither extremely strong and weak, normally narrow waist and ankles and wrists of good diameter. Their temperament tends to be overactive and they are very muscular and X-shaped body, with a normal thyroid tone.

They have no problem to define, they gain muscle easily and also strength, they work very well with both high carbohydrate diets and low ones, they are basically a metabolic off-road.

The exercise routine for mesomorphic people

This genotype does not have any disadvantages, its muscular recovery is excellent, they do not burn excess calories, they can train with a large volume, frequency and intensity of training and still recover without problems, if we add pharmacological aids the result is totally incredible.

That is why their training can be either short or long, but always heavy and intense, and with high frequency, the one we want but minimum frequency 2.

Without pharmacological aids I recommend 6 days of training, and with them 7 days of training being able to even do double training sessions, the best division is simply a double-frequency routine, emphasizing the body parts that best come to us.

Sample exercise routine for mesomorphs

It will be a divided routine which we can train between 6 and 7 times per week depending on how we are. In the last series we will go to the absolute failure, the progressions of each type of exercise are as indicated.

Volume by series

  • Pectoral Series: 20
  • Bicep series: 10
  • Quadriceps series: 10
  • Femoral series: 10
  • Back Series: 19
  • Series of twins: 8
  • Abdominal series: 9
  • Shoulder series: 20
  • Trapeze series: 3
  • Triceps series: 10


I recommend, as it is a routine of increasing muscle mass not to perform cardio, we will add a daily fasting cardio session of about 30 minutes at medium intensity when we want to lose fat, resting at least 1 day a week.

The volume is moderate and can be increased depending on needs and resilience, and as you can see, special emphasis is given to the back, chest and shoulders, the muscle groups that most affect us aesthetically.

High intensity techniques can be added as we wish, without being strict and depending on how we are, Flow Fusion Reviews such as a rest and pause series, a descending series if we have energy, and so on.


This routine is only for mesomorphs or for those endomorphs that are using ergogenic aids .

All this, but more detailed and better explained can be found in the SOMANABOLIC MUSCLE MAXIMIZER, an excellent system that focuses mainly on your biotype to give you the routine and the perfect and exclusive diet to exploit your muscles to the fullest. Would you like to know more about the Somanabolic?

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