Freeletics program: effective to achieve weight loss goal?

Freeletics is a fitness training program from Germany that is currently on the rise. Whether you are a man or a woman , a trained athlete or a Sunday sportsman, the method adapts to your goals, your fitness level and your schedule.

It’s a good accompaniment tool that can be very effective in quickly losing calories and helping you reach your weight loss goal.

How to lose weight effectively with the Freeletics program?

To lose weight with Freeletics, you can already start by connecting to the online application or on your smartphone to follow free training for 14 days or opt for the advanced level with the advice and advice of a coach personalized .

Depending on the purpose , there are different formulas. Aphrodite workout, workout dione or artemis workout : take the time to choose the subscription that best fits your profile.

Which program to choose to melt calories?

If you already have a good physical condition and want to lose weight and strengthen your muscles, choose the strength formula . If it’s the stamina you want to work on while melting the pounds, you can focus more on the cardio option with running or gym sessions.

Finally, the cardio / strength handset provides all the necessary equipment for bodybuilding and endurance enthusiasts. The primary goal being still weight loss , you will see an effect before after  amazing and a real transformation of your silhouette.

The importance of energy balance

When initiating a process of weight loss, it is essential to have in parallel an exemplary lifestyle and a balanced diet . The Freeletics method offers you an energy balance which makes it possible to establish the relationship between the energy absorbed and that actually acquired by the body.

Energy intake is the daily consumption of food in kilocalories. The energy needs cover, for their part, slightly more complex elements such as the energy conversion rate or the metabolic rate.

Your coach will take the time to explain everything in detail. It will also provide you with a complete nutrition guide with recipe ideas that are particularly suitable for the vegan diet . A complete range of quality tools to support you effectively on the path of weight loss.

Whether it’s free or paying for the accompaniment Freeletics adapts to all profiles and provides you with the training and dietary information you need.

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