How many calories are there in Raffaello chocolates?

Eating a chocolate is an innocuous gesture , we know that we give a very caloric intake to our body, but without necessarily visualizing concretely what this implies.

So we start again, because it’s good, Pegasus Diet Keto that it’s like … and sometimes we’re right! It is good to have fun! But knowing exactly what we bring to our body, we will also be better able to measure ourselves. Small focus on a greed to which it is difficult to resist, the raffaello.

The raffaello: composition and contributions

The raffaello is a chocolate and coconut candy, with a very simple composition: an almond, surrounded by a melting and creamy heart, covered with gourmand coconut glitter. Nothing simpler, and nothing more greedy.

The trade raffaello have the following composition: 25% grated coconut , vegetable fats such as shea and palm oil , sugar, skimmed milk powder , whey powder, wheat flour, starch (for texture), emulsifiers, flavorings and baking powder. We quickly see that the most important ingredients are the guy and the sugar.

This is very visible if we look at the energetic contributions of the candy:

628 kcal for 100 gr, which is about 62 kcal per bite (a raffaello = 1 bite). For information, a balanced breakfast should have about 500 kcal .

For 100 gr we find:

  • Fat : 48,8gr – of which 29,7 gr of saturated fatty acids
  • Carbohydrates : 38.3 gr
  • Protein : 7.2 gr

We are here in a typical contribution of a delicacy: high in fats and sugars and low in protein . To book for a pleasure drink so!

A dessert made with raffaelo: one with pleasure, two no thanks!

If you love cooking or are not a fan of industrial additives, know that raffaello can be prepared at home . The opportunity for an activity with children!

You will be able to prepare a home-made dessert with fat of a quality that you have selected, which will already make more healthy contributions to the body.

Recipe for homemade raffaello: 250gr of coconut, 1 can of condensed milk, almonds , pancakes. The day before, it will mix coconut and condensed milk, and leave in the fridge. In the morning, add crushed lace pancakes to the mixture. Then put the mixture around an almond and roll Pegasus Diet Keto REVIEWS the ball into the coconut.

You can use these balls as a treat or as a decoration on a coconut cake with a base, they will be a huge success, with the pleasure of home made and more.

A cake to reserve on occasions, for the pleasure of the whole family!

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