How many calories in antipasti?

Despite all its sun vegetables, Italian cuisine can be high in calories . This is the case with antipasti, s e Rvis to drink, should be consumed in moderation to keep a beautiful silhouette.

Antipasti, full of calories during a diet!

Ready antipasti can contain up to 224 kcal per 100 grams of product . Do you think you’re filling up on vitamins and Tier 2 keto Reviews minerals by eating these little bites of vegetables? Know that you mainly accumulate lipids, which could harm your wasp size !

Indeed, this specialty is prepared by marinating vegetables , often peppers , artichokes and zucchini , in olive oil .

Good fat? Maybe, but fat anyway! In addition, if you buy your canned antipasto in supermarkets, check that the vegetables are not bathed in sunflower oil – less expensive – as is often the case. Not only the original recipe is not respected, but in addition you do not benefit from the benefits of olive oil.

How to enjoy antipasti without getting fat?

Antipasti, hard to resist when served as an aperitif . Avoid at least to consume them in the form of bruschetta: this slice of bread brings, in addition to lipids , a dose of carbohydrates to your appetizer, really not necessary.

The ideal remains to prepare them at home, making sure to drain well before serving. Ditto if you use them in salad: do not add to excess and do not use their oil as a salad dressing , but prepare a light sauce for your salad apart.

Finally, in Italy, many antipasti are prepared with charcuterie or cheese: mozzarella, ham, coppa or salami .

Go your way: this small entrance becomes a real caloric bomb.

Lighter antipasti is possible!

To prepare antipasti more light, nothing beats home cooking. Tip: After marinating your eggplant slices , absorb the excess oil with a paper towel.

Play on the different flavors using different herbs: rosemary , savory, oregano … Spice mushrooms and broccoli very quickly in the pan with a little bit of olive oil to give them a crisp and melting side.

Also think about baking: Tier 2 keto vegetables past the grill are delicious . Add to your recipes low-fat, high-protein foods like shrimp.

Using your thermomix, imagine delicious stuffings for all your vegetables, served hot or cold at the beginning of the meal.

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