How to calculate and count the calories of your food?

When you start dieting and you have to drastically lower your daily calories to create a caloric deficit that’s good for weight loss , it’s hard to know how to count calories in your diet. food.

Fortunately, there are several reliable techniques.

How to calculate the calories of what you consume

All is well organized:

By preparing a table of the ingredients that are consumed the most, Impact Keto Max with the associated calories (per serving or 100 grams). The Internet is full of resources to estimate them.

By reading the labels of products purchased commercially . They indicate the energy value, also per serving or per 100 grams.

By getting in the habit of weighing food

Noting the doses and calories of the recipes that come back most in the week

If these operations can seem tedious the first days, you will quickly notice that you will not need to do it once your diet diet is well established. Each meal will be well identifiable, and a look at the favorite foods will be enough to estimate what you must eat to meet its caloric quota or, conversely, how much a portion brings.

Nutrition is not just about calories

Counting the calories of what you eat is useful for respecting your low calorie diet and losing weight , but it is not enough for a sustainable approach.

For example, 100 calories of Nutella and 100 calories of chicken do not bring the same things to the body at all , both in terms of health and fat storage.

Gradually, the calculation of calories will have to be completed by a reflection on what is on the plate, and how it meets the needs of the body.

How to increase this calorie deficit triggered by the diet?

To lose weight, you have to spend more energy than you consume. By counting the calories in the diet, the diet puts on the right track.

But to go further, it will be interesting to add a regular physical activity , of the order of 2 to 3 times per week for example.

By alternating cardio, strength Impact Keto Max Reviews training and more intense sessions, you will burn even more calories a day , while increasing your basal metabolism (which means your body will burn more energy at rest).

In any case, counting calories is tedious at first, but becomes a reflex afterwards. Good luck for the first days!

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