How to increase the size of my breasts naturally!!

All these exercises will test the chest muscles, leading to a growth of muscle mass below the breasts.

The small bust is a “problem” that many women suffer today, and this condition is generally not related to any disease, but rather to the genetic predisposition of the body, which often causes many conflicts Balanced Max Keto REVIEWS in those women who They have hovered the idea that a cute and socially acceptable figure must be complemented by a pair of large breasts.

Maybe you really care little what society thinks about your breasts and having them bigger is just a whim to feel better about yourself. Whatever the real reason about your purpose is valid if it will help you have a better lifestyle.

It is likely that over time you have wondered many times if there is any definitive method to grow the size of the bust. The answer is yes, although it is not so easy. Obviously, when we talk about breast augmentation, the first thing that comes to mind is to undergo cosmetic surgery, which in addition to presenting several health risks, both immediately and in the long term, also requires a strong outlay of money that not many women have access to.

So what should I do if I want bigger breasts? Certainly, we can opt for the second way, that is, to do things naturally. Specifically, the growth of the natural form bust is closely linked with the performance of different exercises, as well as following a diet that helps us to have a better production in the hormones that stimulate the growth of the mammary glands, in order to achieve the results possible. However, you should keep in mind that while you may notice results after a couple of months, do not expect to have a massive increase such as increasing two or three sizes, so do not be ambitious with expectations.

Before moving on to this, I must mention that there are many creams on the market that promise us to increase the size of the bust in a short time. First, I personally doubt the results. And second, there are many testimonies of women who claim that these creams are only temporary, so if we want permanent results, it is best to give a radical change to our lifestyle.

Exercises to increase breast size

Since the size of the breasts is directly related to the accumulation of fat mass in the mammary glands , it may sound a little contradictory to the fact that exercising can help us in our task. However, do not eat cravings and let me explain what the true function of this type of exercise is.

First, you should keep in mind that our entire body is formed of muscle mass. Yes, even if we do not go to the gym, the body has a certain degree of muscle throughout it, and is responsible for shaping it, helping the bones stay in position and performing a lot of functions without it, it would be impossible.

When a type of exercise is performed, using weights or the body weight itself to stress a certain area of ​​the body, the muscles are activated to fight that force applied from the outside. After a good weight session, the muscles tend to suffer micro-tears in their fibers that must be repaired by the body itself. During this process, the muscle also increases in volume, as it needs greater strength to continue fighting against that “threat” to which we are subjected (the exercise).

In this case, we are going to perform specific exercises for the pectoral area (the chest), leading to a growth of muscle mass below the breasts and allowing them to have greater firmness and aesthetics, as well as virtual growth.

Do not fear, that you will not put on as a bodybuilding model, because you do not have the genetic predisposition to develop such an amount of lean mass due to the simple fact that you are not a man.

Exercise for breast growth no. one

Stand with your legs slightly apart across your shoulders and your hands attached to the sides of the body. Try to keep your back completely straight so as not to suffer any injuries and make the most of the exercise.

  • With the dumbbells (two to three kilos) in hand, raise both arms to their respective sides, trying to reach shoulder height.
  • Once there, we return to the original position in a controlled movement, that is, holding the weight during the journey to prevent the force of gravity from doing the job instead of our muscles.
  • We do the first three steps again to count 30 repetitions.

Exercise for breast growth no. 2

  • Again, having a dumbbell in each hand, stand up by spreading your legs across your shoulders, bringing your arms in front of the body and palms facing the floor.
  • Then, raise one of the arms over the same position, ensuring that they stretch almost completely.
  • You should reach shoulder height.
  • Return to the starting position in a controlled movement and repeat the route but now with the other arm.
  • Do the same 20 times for each arm and try to keep your back straight at all times, as well as control your breathing to get more out of the exercise.

Exercise for breast growth no. 3

For this exercise it will be necessary to use a long bench on which you can rest your entire back, leaving your legs in the air, with your feet on the ground. Once you achieve this position, take your arms to the sides, so that with the trunk of the body you can form a T.

With the weights in hand, take each arm in front of your body, trying not to take off the back of the bench. Once the arm is fully stretched up, return to the original position in a controlled movement. When you bring your arms down, you should not place them below the bench, but at the height of the bench, as this could cause an injury to your shoulders.

Do the above steps again with the remaining arm. Repeat up to 20 times for each arm.

Exercise for breast growth no. 4

  • Stand with your back completely Balanced Max Keto straight and your legs shoulder width apart.
  • Bring your arms up your body, with your hands holding the hammer-shaped dumbbells.
  • Next, bring one of the hands down, backward, just as if you were hitting your head with them.
  • Return to the original position and repeat the same with the other hand. Do this for at least 20 times for each side.

Exercise for breast growth no. 5

  • This exercise will be done without the help of weights. To do this, stand with your legs slightly apart and your back completely straight.
  • Join the palms of your hands at shoulder height (just as if you were going to make a prayer) and push one palm against the other, trying not to move them from their place, that is, that despite the effort they remain in the chest center
  • Hold the job for 5 seconds and relax your arms for another three to start over.

Do this for a total of 20 repetitions.

As you can see, all these exercises will test the chest muscles, but to make sure we have done a proper job, we must adhere to the instructions to the letter.

We must perform all five exercises in the same session, having a rest of 30 seconds between each exercise. The ideal would be to do them three times a week, leaving a rest day between each session. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are perfect days to get to work.

Remember that feeding is very important to achieve the best results, so we strongly recommend you to read our article on foods to increase breasts naturally through the marked link.

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