How to lose 500 calories in 10 minutes?

When making the decision to lose weight, the best way to do this is to set daily or weekly goals . This goal can be for example to lose 500 calories in 10 minutes each day. This is possible thanks to sports and specific physical training programs.

Run every morning to lose weight

The running, in 15 or even 30 minutes per day , is an effective way to lose weight quickly. Every morning, or failing that, on Saturdays or Sunday mornings, wake up early enough to run a few kilometers in the neighborhood before going about your daily activities. You can also run a few minutes at night according to your schedule. You can also lose up to 500 calories by walking for 10 minutes . To do this, walk at a steady pace for 5 minutes or 10 minutes.

Running and walking allow you to burn calories quickly and efficiently.

Lose weight quickly thanks to fitness

Fitness is also an effective way to lose 500 calories in 10 minutes . It is a set of sports activities to improve your fitness. The energy spent during these exercises burns fat and calories. So, by giving yourself a few minutes of fitness a day, you will lose weight easily . Physical training can be practiced in a fitness center or at home at home. In the latter case, you will probably need the practical advice of a coach.

Several TV or online magazines also offer training programs that you can follow without difficulty. Some programs apply particularly to body parts such as the belly, thighs or buttocks. The only condition for success is determination and diligence.

Weight loss by swimming: how to do?

It is also possible to lose 500 calories in 10 minutes while swimming . Swimming is one of the sports disciplines that involve significant energy expenditure . So it helps to reshape the muscle mass and get rid of excess fat , including abdominal fat. Here too, diligence is required to obtain conclusive results in a short time.


Three sessions a week for 30 to 40 minutes per session may be sufficient . Swim at a moderate but sustained pace by varying the exercises: paddle, crawl, backstroke and even underwater gymnastics. In addition to swimming, other physical exercises also burn calories . These include skipping rope and squat, very effective for weight loss.


Losing 500 calories in 10 minutes is possible thanks to the sport . However, for real and rapid weight loss, physical exercise must be supported by a balanced diet.

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