Into the world: announce the baby luck with birth cards

When the last few weeks of strenuous pregnancy are over and the long-awaited birth is safely over, untroubled father joys and a short recovery break for mother and child quickly await the next act on newlywed parents – and that’s all the formalities surrounding the exciting event. This includes the sending of chic birth cards, whose content, design and timing are the three most important criteria.

The birth card 2.0

Pasted photos and handwritten texts on plain paper with pink or light blue ribbon are long outdated. The new generation of parents attaches importance to individual designs, graphics and creative texts, with which the baby happiness is celebrated and shared according to the standards. Anyone who would like to send original birth cards with a personal touch to friends, relatives and work colleagues has the opportunity to design content and look online at  Unconventional colors and patterns can be used here, a photo or the digitized footprint of the baby can be uploaded and placed on the map. A humorous saying or creative aphorism as well as the most important data of the child complete the individual birth card.

When is the right time to send birth cards?

In some states of Germany it is a tradition to send the cards a few days after birth as a greeting, attention and message to close friends, distant relatives, neighbors and work colleagues. But in order to be able to enjoy the time after birth, new parents are spending more and more time with their birth cards or leaving the design to their relatives. Not infrequently, the cards are sent only as a thanksgiving to those who have received a gift or a birth card. Another option is to combine the sending of birth cards with baptism , depending on when it takes place. This happens a few weeks after birth, the cards can be designed as baptismal invitations at the same time, or you can simultaneously “report” both events, provided that the baptism has taken place relatively soon after birth.

Addressees and content

The best way is to have the birth cards printed and sent by mail traditionally. But in the digital age many parents use the practical possibility of simply sending their cards via e-mail after the online design. This is easier if you want to tell not only family and close friends, but also the office and foreign acquaintances of the baby luck. Generally, parents notify the relatives, godparentsand best friends by phone, who then pass the message on to other acquaintances. Ultimately, however, everyone can decide individually who they want to send a card to. The content of the content is also left to the parents, but as a rule the addressees are interested in the most important data and the appearance of the baby. A photo and the full name of the offspringThe birth date, time, height and weight are standard information on a birth card, which is now supplemented with the name of the hospital, the sibling and the address of the parent, if sent to announce the event. In addition to profound spells in short form, which serve as an introductory heading in the map, humorous sentences such as “We are now also accessible at night!” Are popular.

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