Is it worth the visit of a baby mass?

Most parents enjoy the anticipation of their own baby at least as much as if the offspring is born in the world. In the months before and the first years after birth, most mothers and fathers are all about three issues: pregnancy, birth, and baby. Are you feeling the same way and would you like to find out about current trends in the area of ​​baby supplies and about parents and parents? Then you might be rewarded with visiting a baby mass because of the new products and the many lectures and workshops that are often offered at such fairs.

When and where do baby meals take place?

When and where baby and children’s fairs are organized, you can check out this online portal for national and international trade fairs . So you can estimate beforehand, whether a trade fair visit is worthwhile for you or whether you are switching to another trade fair. Depending on the size of the event, baby and toddler fairs are grouped together in an event due to the similar target group.

So you can benefit from the visit of a baby mass

The benefits for you as a visitor are numerous. You will receive information, can secure yourself Messerabatte and expand your knowledge and know-how in lectures and workshops:

The manufacturers tell you a lot about their products. You can also compare the offer with that of the competition. Compared to stationary retailers, manufacturers focus on innovative products and trends at trade fairs .

Many companies offer their visitors special knife discounts . So, if you do not have your baby’s initial equipment complete, a trade fair visit can pay off financially. Typical products on offer include: baby and kids’ fashion, bunk beds, pushchairs, baby carriers and towels, and baby changing sets. Before attending a trade fair, it may be worthwhile to look at a checklist for the initial equipping of a baby .

At many trade fairs, specialist lectures are held by medical experts, midwives, breastfeeding consultants and financial advisers, depending on the expertise. For baby meals, workshops are also more often on the program. Practical tips and valuable information can benefit expectant or recent parents. The topics can be manifold:

Parents, children and maternity money

Information about pregnancy and birth

Reading the body language of the baby

Baby and toddler health (vaccinations, emergency procedures, …)

Tips for feeding, breastfeeding and wrapping

Bathing a baby

Safe driving with a child

potty training

Especially the information events are likely to be interesting for the mums and dads who are expecting or already have their first child. As a rule, you can obtain information about the lectures in advance through the website of an organizer and then plan your visit to the fair. By the way: Nursing and changing areas are usually available at every exhibition center, so you can also make a longer trip.

Which fairs are available in the field of baby and child care?

The target audience is primarily expectant parents or those who have recently become. Nevertheless, some fairs have a specific focus.

Babyworld : Everything about babies and toddlers, especially accessories

Playtime : Here the focus is on brand fashion and lifestyle products.

KIDS NOW : In addition to children’s clothing, shoes for the little ones and maternity wear are part of the program.

Child + Youth : In addition to textiles, hardware and furniture toys are offered.

At certain fairs, such as quarterkids , the target group deviates. The children’s fashion fair is aimed at employees of the retail trade. Of course, the trade fairs that are free for visitors are also suitable for those interested in retail, education or health care.

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