Living ideas for a parent-friendly and child-friendly coexistence

Woe, if you let go! The more mobile our children become, the more dangers await them in the flat – and the more space they claim. With various tricks and a lot of flexibility you can make good compromises here!

Stairs, shelves, the hot stove – in discovering their world many dangers lurk on our little ones. But also on valuable things in the apartment! At some point, neither Grandma’s good dishes nor the stereo system are safe from the youngest. In addition, children need a lot of space! And not infrequently, young parents do not really feel well in their own home – the children have taken over the regime. But there are ways out. Often, even small measures help to ensure that parents and children feel equally at home in the apartment.

Children on a discovery course

The first year of a child’s life is shaped by discoveries and experiments. The newborn spends a lot of time with his fingers or toes, with the beginning of the crawling phase is then the closer environment in turn. Children want to grasp, put in the mouth, conquer and understand everything. This is not always safe; on the other hand, the freedom of the child to explore his or her environment is extremely important to its development. As a parent, you have the choice: Either you spend a lot of time monitoring your child and teaching him what it is not allowed to do – or you allow him to explore everything and easily eliminate dangerous and endangered things. In order for children to develop, they also need space. Creating room for maneuver in a normal sized rented flat is not so easy.

Perfectionism – no thanks!

In life with children there is hardly any room for pronounced sense of order and perfectionism. If you strive for it, then stress and anger are inevitable. The better option is to “settle” with the situation and make the best of it, for example by the following measures:

Plenty of storage space and doors to shut down quickly ensure order, for example, in the hallway, but also in the nursery. Design your bins the best way to help your child clean up. In the nursery you can, for example, provide boxes that are divided by type of toy: in a box come the toy cars, in the next all Pixieb├╝cher and in the third the stuffed animals.

Storage boxes create order especially when space is tight. They fit under beds or on cupboards and clean up what is not needed.

Regular mucking ensures that you do not drown under the equipment. Children’s clothing that has become too small, discarded toys can either be given away or kept well packaged in the cellar.

If you love decoration, then you should consider carefully whether this makes sense in the times with toddler. Because a simple device is easier to tidy up and easier to keep in order.

Clear away instead of say no!

One of the most elegant ways to live with a child stress-free is to get out of the way of dangers. This starts, for example, with the kitchen cupboards: If only unbreakable and harmless kitchen utensils are in the lower, accessible to the children subjects and cabinets of your kitchen, then the child can leave and rear in peace, while you cook the lunch or the kitchen tidy , Multimedia equipment exerts an irresistible attraction on many children, to the delight of the little ones, the devices are usually in easy reach. Again, the simplest method is to clear the plant up for the next few years. Alternatives offer lockable cabinets here. However then applies: Just do not forget the shut off!

Special case stairs

When it comes to stairs and their dangers, a decision is needed. If you want to be on the safe side, then a lockable staircase door and 100% discipline on your part ensure that the stairs pose no risk to the child. But there are other ways of seeing as well: The child learns under supervision to safely walk the stairs and develop his motor skills. Although this does not release parents from the duty of supervision and is not possible for all stair structures, but reduces the risk that out of ignorance in the child a dangerous staircase accident happens.

Even parents need space

For all the praiseworthy adaptation to the needs of the child, do not forget your own! Even parents have a right to their own kingdom and their oases of well-being. Explain a room in the apartment as a taboo for the expansion of your children. This can be the bedroom, for example. Set up a cozy reading or TV corner there and do not be afraid to hang a “Please stay outside” sign on the door if necessary.

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