Set up the nursery cheap and creative

You can spend a lot of money on setting up a nursery. The requirements for the furniture change with the development of the child as well as its taste. However, if you pay attention to a few points, then you can put together for a small budget, a nursery, which is always the age of the child as well as his preferences.

Often the nursery is already set up when the baby leaves the hospital with the mother after giving birth. Lovingly, the parents chose the furniture, decorated the room with pretty accessories and chose a matching wall color. But then it usually goes faster than you would like to admit: the children are growing, the bed is too small, the changing table is superfluous and the tiger does not like the bear wallpaper. A new nursery must come from. That goes into the money, especially if the offspring changes its taste in short intervals. With a little patience and foresight, you do not have to swap a whole room !

Buy nursery furniture to grow with

There are now many manufacturers and Internet retailers such as, who have recognized the problem and offer sustainable furniture. The classic is the convertible cot. The crib bed becomes a junior bed and can be used for so many years. Especially with cots there is now an incredible selection of types and designs. A small overview of the possibilities offers, Also, the changing table is the functional dresser by removing the pad. Almost every high chair can nowadays be converted into a high chair as soon as the offspring sits on their own. But there are also more unusual pieces of furniture to grow along with, for example the baby balcony on the parent’s bed, from which a bench is created. Some furniture can not only be rebuilt, but also extended by attachments. This is how a small eventually becomes a real desk.

It does not always have to be new

You can buy furniture also used. Especially baby furniture is often used very little and offered for a good price. Most of the furniture is easy to clean and not seldom as new . Of course, you have to bring a little patience until you find a suitable offer, because the decor should already be okay. There are many ways to look around. Whether in newspaper advertisements, or second hand stores for children’s needs , the selection is varied. Sometimes it pays to have a look in the immediate vicinity: just have a look at the bulletin board in the midwife practice or listen to the circle of acquaintances. Also on the numerous you can grab individual pieces of furniture for a bargain price.

Buy furniture in timeless design

No question, colorful furniture looks great. There are cupboards with large deco flowers or beds in the form of carriages or racing cars. But what if the little princess does not like horses at the age of three, but likes predators and the racer would rather be a footballer? If it does not hurt financially, it will simply replace the furniture. Otherwise, you should choose neutral colors and simpler shapes when purchasing. Spice up the room with colorful accessories, even pretty decorative items can show the preferences of the child. It is much cheaper to change the wall color and give the room a new look with matching pillows and props than to renew the furniture.

Build nursery furniture yourself

No, not everyone was born a craftsman, and a little fun should be had on the matter. However, if you bring some skill, build the furniture yourself for your offspring! Regardless of whether bed, changing table or cabinet, building instructions for children’s furniture can be found for free on various websites such as. The advantages are apparent. Not only do you save money, you can also design the pieces of furniture exactly to your wishes. Incidentally, the expectant dad shortens the waiting time for his baby.

Prepare furniture and rebuild

And another tip for home improvement: prepare old furniture and give it new shine. The chest of drawers of the grandmother is reworked and with new color to the storage place for toys. Also, the shelf, on which babies were powder and wet wipes, can be processed with a little imagination to a beautiful bookshelf. With a little craftsmanship and a bit of creativity, old new pieces of furniture are created, giving the nursery its own charm.

Go bargain hunting

Last but not least, you can save a lot of money by looking for discounted children’s furniture. Often, exhibits are sold much cheaper, sometimes it is synonymous with discounted remainders. There are even store sales of stores that provide exchange goods and items that have been damaged in transport at a bargain price, whereby the damage is often minimal.

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