Shoes trend Ugly sneakers: In 2019, Dad’s shoes are embarrassing …

Sneakers have been in fashion for quite some time, and they will be back in 2018 as well. And with the children as well as the adults. Partner look with cool shoes – why not? If the father is on the football pitch with his son, gambling on computers or making the park on the scooter unsafe, these are certainly not the worst shoes.

Funny cuts, strange materials and an unsportsmanlike design

Sneakers are no longer sports shoes, even if they still bear the image. They have to sparkle, shine and shine, come with built-in LEDs therefore, are made of coarse knit or other strange materials. For the sport, the shoes, which may also have some sales with men and sometimes come along with a straw sole, no longer suitable. They do not want that either.

The sneaker has become urban and a pure fashion statement. You can still walk comfortably in it. Chunky, thick soles are at Reebok, Puma and Nike with the Air Maxannounced, all of which have reissued the designs of the 1990s. Style-wise, of course, with white socks and over-lying pants. Dior still combined the comic, chunky treads on the catwalk at the end of 2017 with the pinstripe suit. The so-called Ugly Dad sneakers are also worn by the ladies! So if daddy misses his shoes in the future, maybe he should just look at Mom’s feet … What the fashion magazines predicted in November 2017 (“Ugly Dad sneaker for fashionistas!”) Has become the truth. And today, from GQ to Men’s Health, to Vogue and NYMag, the sneakers have to be 1990s.

Retro: boat shoes, business shoes, sneakers

Ugly Dad sneakers are not the only shoe trend this year. Fathers simply can not ignore the retro design. Whether Esprit or Converse All Stars : Retro should do the trick. Where athletic shoe manufacturers rely on thick soles and well padded shafts, Converse All Stars is and remains minimalist. The canvas shoes will also be worn in 2018 with a squeaky rubber sole, ankle-high and best worn look. Alternatively: printed cartoon characters like Duffy Duck. Esprit follows the cut and look of the Converse All Stars with the design of the suede sneakers.

Other companies are looking at more sophisticated designs of the 1980s and 1990s and put on the conservative business leather shoes again. Lace patterns, contrasting lace and especially pointed shoes are back in fashion. For the leisure sector (interesting for the urban dad, who is not only on the football field): Moccasins. Light leather, contrasting soles, eyelets and straps make the comfortable treads an eye-catcher. If you like plain, you will also find it in monochrome suede.

For the summer slides

It remains retro, even in terms of sandals. Nobody goes out into the street wearing leather sandals or low shoes this summer. Trendy fathers are flexible and instantly on their socks, pardon, Adiletten, if junior / aa on the playground wants. The colorful plastic gossips were in the 1990s ever totally in vogue and come back now. In the original, of course, Adidas, in squeaky colors (trend color this year is orange) and with the typical three stripes. If it may be a bit more exclusive, Hugo Boss and Givenchy and many other providers have the Adiletten in the program. By the way, they have long since outgrown their flip-flops and can not only adore daddy’s feet in the sauna: the slippers can be worn on the street and in the entire leisure area.

Those who are not so into plastic wear Espandrilles this summer. The shoes with the raffia sole are made of soft canvas and spoil the feet stressed by the heat. Monochrome or embroidered with colorful motifs, they make quite a bit more than the Adiletten and are just as quickly put on and taken off. Beware of rainy weather! That does not hold out the base.

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