Sport: what exercises to dry the legs?

Grease is easily embedded in the legs , especially the thighs, because the adductors that are there are easily covered with fat. But it is possible to dry your legs through an exercise program!

How to train to dry his legs?

A training program based on half bodybuilding and half cardio must be put in place , including a majority of basic exercises compared to those of isolation. The frequency should be 4 training sessions per week, at medium intensity.

Each session should not exceed a maximum of 1 hour . The 4 weekly sessions guarantee the maintenance of muscle tissue and therefore a high metabolism, which allows to burn fat . Rest times must be short enough to maintain correct intensity. For best results, it is recommended to adapt your diet.

Day 1 of the program : cardio

Using cardio equipment such as the elliptical , or the rower, or just the bike, perform this sequence of sequences:

  • Start with 15 minutes of moderate cardio at 60% of your maximum heart rate (FCM)
  • Increase the intensity by chaining by 10 minutes of cardio to 75% of your FCM
  • calm down the intensity by ending with 15 minutes of cardio at 65% of your FCM

Finish with one minute of skipping rope at very high intensity, insert 20 seconds of recovery between each minute.

Day 2: Bodybuilding

It’s a question of following targeted training sessions on the leg muscles:

  • Start with 5 sets of 20 squats with 90 seconds of recovery between each set.
  • Chain with 5 sets of 15 slots, even recovery.
  • Then perform 3 sets of maximum sissy squat, even recovery.
  • Perform 6 sets of maximum crunches, with 30 seconds of recovery between each set.
  • Finish by 5 sheathing holding each time as long as possible.

Day 4: again cardio

Start with 45 minutes at about 60% of the FCM, then perform 4 times 90 seconds of intensive skipping rope, recovering 30 seconds between each.

Day 5: Bodybuilding to finish the week

Here is a new series focused on the muscles of the lower body:

  • Start with 4 sets of 15 extensions with 90 seconds of recovery between each set.
  • Chain with 4 sets of 15 raised with outstretched legs, even recovery.
  • then perform 3 sets of abdo leg outstretched, even recovery.
  • finish with 5 sheathing, taking each time as long as possible.

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