Take foreign children on vacation: Fathers should know that

Just pick up the children from swimming, bring them to school or even make a Sunday trip – that fathers chauffeur their children and their friends, is the order of the day. But what happens when an accident happens? Who is liable for this? Do parents have to sign a consent form when they let their child into a strange vehicle? These and other questions parents ask themselves regularly.

Anyone who has children knows that a declaration of consent must be signed when they leave with a tour operator for a holiday leisure. The content of the declaration is usually a liability agreement, which releases the organizer a little bit from the responsibility. What is on the agenda for commercial organizers raises questions in private life. The most important questions about holidays with a foreign child answered this post.

Who is covered by the usual motor vehicle liability insurance?

The motor vehicle liability insurance basically protects all inmates, this applies to a family outing as well as for a vacation trip. The degree of kinship does not matter. Foreign children are therefore insured during normal journeys in everyday life. The motor insurance covers personal injuries. The amount is stated in the policy.

How high should the protection for personal injury be?

Experts recommend that the legally guaranteed minimum cover amount acc. § 4 Obligations Insurance Act (PflVG) of 2.5 million euros for personal injury upward. Anyone  looking for a suitable insurance with Autoversicherung-vergleich.info will read on the website that a coverage amount of 50 or 100 million euros is reasonable for personal injury, damage to property and property. Usually, insurance companies offer an allocation of 8 or 10 million euros for personal injury and the remaining sum for property damage and financial loss. For a small additional charge, personal protection can be further increased.

Are foreign children on holiday trips also protected by the usual motor vehicle liability insurance?

Yes, with restrictions. When traveling abroad, the children have to carry valid identity documents with them. This is also true for babies. These could still travel through an entry in the passport of the parents until 2011, but since 2012, this rule is no longer valid.

Do foreign children have to take a declaration of consent from their parents on vacation?

In many cases this is absolutely necessary and basically it is advisable. Not only children but also adolescents have to submit an informed consent on request that they are allowed to travel abroad with another family / person. An official certification of this power of attorney is even necessary if the trip leads to Greece, Macedonia or Bosnia & Herzegovina.

What must be in a declaration of consent?

Each country makes its own rules. You can find the regulations at the Foreign Office . In the section “Information for the entry of minors” of the entry requirements is what is generally required. For example, Greece has included this note:

“Information for the entry of minors

Single travelers Minors require an officially certified consent of their parents / guardians. If a child travels with just one parent, it is recommended that you have a consent form from the other parent who is the guardian. ”

The concrete consent can be informal. Alternatively, a standard form is suitable for the travel authorization of underage children . The safest way is to carry a German, an English and a copy in the national language of the destination country.

How is the supervisory duty regulated?

If parents take a foreign child on holiday , they take on the duty of supervision. A violation of oversight responsibilities abroad has the same consequences as in Germany. It should also be kept in mind that a foreign child may need medication, which must also be taken. For this reason, it should be clarified before the trip, whether

Allergies persist,

Incompatibilities or pre-existing conditions are to be considered,

To monitor a medication intake is.

It is advisable in this connection to request a suitable first-aid kit for the accompanying foreign child and, if necessary, to agree that a travel health insurance will be taken out.

What to do if the trip is canceled at short notice? Who bears the costs?

The best way to book the trip is at the travel agency. The on-site professionals help complete the appropriate travel cancellation or travel insurance.

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