The 5 most beautiful amusement parks in Europe – the children will never forget

A visit to an amusement park can replace a great holiday trip for children. Especially since many of the parks are so big that you can not visit all attractions in one day. has put together for you the 5 most beautiful amusement parks in Europe and explains what makes the special charm of the respective park.

A visit to an amusement park is always a very special experience for children, adolescents and adults alike. There are few people who do not enjoy such days. It does not matter if you prefer the wildest and fastest rollercoasters and the highest possible Free-Fall-Tower according to the motto “higher, faster and further”, or if you prefer the slower rides, which were designed with great attention to detail – There are a number of theme parks in Europe worth visiting. And now many of these parks are so big that you can not have experienced and seen everything in one day. Not only that is why more and more families have discovered the short break in the amusement park in recent years. Between two days and one week everything is possible here – and depending on the amusement park, even a week’s stay will not be boring. Of course, the following list is anything but complete. But, here is the right thing for every age – and if you have seen these amusement parks, you have already experienced a lot.

1) Disneyland Paris

The Disneyland near Paris is not in vain considered one of the largest and most impressive theme parks in Europe. Even if the resort does not match the original in the US, it’s hardly possible in Europe to find a park that could surpass it. The Disneyland Resort Paris consists of two parks, the theme park and the studiopark, the Disney Village with restaurants and seven hotels as well as a bungalow complex with its own swimming pool. In turn, the theme park is made up of different worlds, where you can race on a roller coaster through an old Wild West mine, take a cruise on a Mississippi steamer, take off into the world of Star Wars, or race with Dumbo, the flying elephant can fly. Of course, you can also meet Peter Pan, Snow White, Pinocchio on various rides. Nemo and the little rat Remi from the movie Ratatouille. A pirate bay, a plethora of playgrounds, themed restaurants offering a wide range of African, Arabian and Victorian dishes – the range of culinary options is vast. And if you do not find the right one, you can also dodge on the Mc Donalds in the Disney Village. The biggest highlight for many guests, no matter if male, female or of age, are the photos with the numerous Disney characters waiting everywhere in the park. One of the most visited attractions is the Princess Pavilion. Here you can have a picture taken with a princess – for many young and old girls it will be a dream. You can wait for 60-90 minutes.

Tip: During the summer months, the park is open until 22:00 and sometimes even until 23:00. Then follows the evening light and sound show. In the fall, the show comes at 21:00 clock – but it is in October and November the day is much emptier in the parks. In addition, in October compared to the period from April to September saves a lot on the cost of the overnight stay and the park entrance. And if you wait for one of the numerous offers with a discount of up to 25% and sometimes free of charge children up to 7, you can save a lot more. In order to see the essentials, a stay here should definitely last at least three days.

2) Phantasialand – Germany’s best theme park

This is of course a purely subjective view – on the other hand, the Phantasialand is not only the second most visited amusement park in Germany, but also a park that breaks new records year after year. Six theme worlds, two hotels and a variety of restaurants and snacks are part of the Phantasialand Resort. While Disneyland is more sedate and has only a few select thrilling and speedy attractions, the Phantasialand for speed and adrenaline junkies is just the ticket. Which of course does not mean that you are not in good hands with children. However, the children should be at least six years old, so they can join at least a whole range of attractions – everything goes only from a height of 1.40 m.

Tip: Just as interesting as a visit in summer is a visit to Phantasialand in winter. While many other parks have closed, the Phantasialand – similar to the Disneyland – offers a fascinating winter landscape. All year round you get discounts like 2 days admission to the price of 1. Such offers are worthwhile, because the park is big enough to comfortably spend two days here. You should also plan, if you really wanted to see everything and experienced. Incidentally, the Phantasialand is the park with the largest birthday discount among the leading parks in Germany – a visit with a birthday child is especially worthwhile here.

3) Efteling – fairytale lesson in Dutch

In the Netherlands you will find the theme park Efteling. Again, there are of course the classic roller coasters and a wild water course. But the special thing about the amusement park Efteling are not so much the rides – these are good, but are a bit behind the Phantasialand in terms of Rasanz and the Disneyland in terms of inventiveness back. For De Efteling is known for a large and especially for children very interesting fairy tale forest. There are also great shows that are offered here in the evening and round off the days in the park.

Tip: In Efteling you can regularly find offers of the category 15% discount on different accommodation periods. The various accommodation options, from the Efteling Hotel just outside the park to the apartments, which are around 15 minutes’ walk from the park, offer something for every budget and age group. Again, it is worthwhile to plan at least two days – especially because you can not enjoy the evening shows otherwise. By the way: Similar to the Disneyland Resort Paris, Efteling is a park that you can visit even with children from 2 years old.

4) The LEGOLAND Billund

In Denmark you will find the oldest and original LEGOLAND – often copied but never really reached. For real LEGO fans, a visit here is a must. On 14 hectares, a huge LEGO world was created, which makes the heart of every small and large builder beat faster. Of course, the LEGOLAND Resort Billund offers various accommodation options – from hotel rooms to a cottage or bungalow to a tent. Over 50 attractions, all of course with a clear reference to LEGO, offer a suitable offer for every age group.

Tip: If you’re here, you should also combine your visit to LEGOLAND with a visit to the LEGO house in Billund – a huge LEGO universe has been recreated here on an area of ​​12,000 square meters. Incidentally, this park can also be visited with children from 2 years without hesitation.

5) Heide Park Resort Soltau

At the end something for those who like it fast and high. However, the choice is also larger for smaller children, as for example in Phantasialand. The nice thing about the Heidepark Soltau is that adrenaline bombs and relatively quiet rides are very close to each other for the whole family. A park that really offers something for every interest. But the atmosphere is denser in the other parks – simply because either a theme was chosen and pulled through there, such as in Disneyland or LEGOLAND, or because a special niche with interesting world designs was found, as in Efteling and Phantasialand.

Tip: If you really want to experience the Heidepark comprehensively, you should plan at least two days – not because the park is bigger than Efteling, LEGOLAND or Phantasialand – but the opening times of the attractions are quite short with 10 am – 5 pm in summer. The overnight stay at the Adventure Hotel is an exciting getaway for the whole family.

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