The cart of our children – a purchase that I have never regretted

Two years ago we bought a wagon before the birth of our second child – and have never looked back. The wagon became our constant companion on excursions and on vacation. Often he also replaces the stroller.

For the first time I noticed the colorful bollards in the zoo and zoo. Parents drove their offspring through the area and transported the snack and jackets on top of that. Soon after, at a flea market, I asked one of the shop assistants who was about to unload their wagon after their experiences. She also showed me how quickly her model folded. From that moment it was clear to me: we need such a part!

Why a cart?

My wife was initially not very enthusiastic about the idea. We already have a stroller and a buggy, so why a cart? But in this matter, I prevailed – and we have since appreciated our model and maybe even learned to love.

Our wagon is a faithful companion on almost all excursions :

In zoo and zoo

To the Baggersee

On holiday

On larger flea markets

And even to a forest Christmas

Most of the time we transport children’s food, jackets and toys , but sometimes also wheels. In addition, it is practical when clearing out larger purchases from the car or for medium-sized transports. Above all, the wagon has saved us more than once, when our children did not want to walk anymore or they were so tired that they fell asleep on the way.

Transporting children in a wagon – is that allowed?

Yes, we also transport our children in a wagon, although many manufacturers rule that out. Why do you do that with a vehicle that seems to offer and in which the kids WANT to drive? My theory: on the one hand, there are insurance reasons (who is liable if a child falls out?) And on the other hand, many Bollerwägen have no TÜV sticker – they would probably need for the transport of people. So we drive our kids in our wagon with 70 kilos of authorized carrying weight at their own risk through the area.

The perfect wagon does not exist – everyone has to know what is important to them

Two years ago, the selection of was still very manageable. That has since changed massively, like a simple search on Amazon shows. As we said: we love our wagon (a model from Belsol). We especially appreciate that it opens and closes quickly and when folded, it is only a little over 20 cm wide – which was very appealing to us on holiday trips with our limited trunk. However, we have noticed on the beach before, that its relatively narrow wheels can be a disadvantage and in midsummer we envied the owners of cars with a sunroof. Larger wheels and roof, however, inevitably lead to the car takes more space in the trunk. So you have to make compromises and decide for yourself what is important to you.

What should be considered when buying a Bollerwagens?

As I said, before making a purchase, you must decide what you personally value, much like buying a stroller . As small as possible and maximum comfort is usually not both.

Here are a few criteria you should consider when buying a Boller car:

How stable is the wagon built? What impression does he make?

What is the stated carrying capacity?

Is its size or length sufficient?

How fast can he collapse and on what size?

Does the carts possibly carrying straps for the folded state?

What is the weight of the car?

How easy is the wagon to pull?

Is the drawbar adjustable or fix?

How off-road is the car? Large and wide wheels are more practical on uneven ground.

Does he have a sunroof? Do you need that?

Does he have rows of seats? Need or do you want that?

Is it easy to remove the cover for washing?

Does the car have a parking brake? Do you need one?

Does he have an accessory tray? How large? Do you need that? (Tip: at least one holder for drinks bottles is handy)

Is the car approved for transporting children?

What does the car cost?

As I said – we have never regretted the purchase of our Bollerwagens. He is not in the cellar with us, but in the storage room, so we always have it handy when we need it. And that’s more common than we thought in advance …

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