The latest technology trends for the nursery

Every third child between the ages of 10-13 already has their own computer or laptop, which is the result of statistics . Technology is obviously not to be thought of from the nursery. This is not always a blessing, but parents should not demonize the technology from the ground up. Because there is also helpful technology that makes life much easier for parents.

Baby monitor with video function in the practical test

Many new baby phones are equipped with video function. So the baby monitor no longer transmits only the sounds, but also live images of the baby. With the help of infrared technology, it is possible to ensure video surveillance even in complete darkness. The signal is transmitted lossless by means of digital transmission, the quality is usually good. In the past, parents could only hear if a child started crying, for example. Even then, the parents were excited about such a device, as in this articleis readable. Today, thanks to state-of-the-art transmission technology, parents can see their baby. The range is naturally lower with a video baby monitor than with the pure sound transmission of the predecessor. Manufacturers often specify the range up to 300 meters, but the best conditions are: visibility, daylight, etc. As soon as the transmission is through walls or floors, the range is lower. Due to the technically more sophisticated equipment video baby monitors are slightly more expensive than the models without a camera.

When deciding on a video baby monitor, the individual needs of parents are important. On the one hand, the devices must be easy to operate and have the right range. Noise-activated power-on, privacy and automatic channel selection are three of the key features that parents should be aware of. More information and a comparison between the different models and manufacturers parents can find here . You can obtain comprehensive information about the technical data, safety features, additional functions and prices of different devices.

Hello Barbie – when the toy overhears

Parents of older children are constantly confronted with technical novelties. It is often to be considered whether this technique is really necessary. Just over a year ago, the “Hello Barbie” came on the market. According to Mattel, this Barbie was designed to fulfill the dream of many little girls to have a good conversation with Barbie. The goal was to create a dialogue between Barbie and the child with the help of audio recordings, speech recognition and conversation software. The parents got a link to the recorded data. So they also learned the smallest secrets of the children. Data security, according to Mattel at the time, was very important to the manufacturer; nobody had to worry about it. For privacy advocates, it was a nightmare, with the deal also Bundestag members. With a small request,can be read in this PDF file , Renate Künast turned with supporters to the federal government.

As a result, a clause was drafted under the European Data Protection Regulation that defines the privacy of minors as being particularly worthy of protection. This regulation came into force in April 2016. There were other toys that recorded data from children similar to the “Hello Barbie”. For example, from the manufacturer V-Tech, whose servers were hacked. Millions of records were stolen. Parents should think carefully about which toys to give or give to their children. Is it really necessary that a child can talk to a toy? Or that parents know every little secret of the offspring? Even against the background that the data could fall into the wrong hands on this way, parents should carefully consider an acquisition like this.

Pokemania – will children be back in the fresh air?

There are always studies that children do not move enough and spend too much time in front of the screen. Maybe the kids are now moving a bit with “Pokémon GO”? “Pokémon GO” is the synonym for an international hype. Digital fantasy monsters, which many young parents still know from their own childhood, can be transferred through the smartphone camera into the real world. Collecting and fighting was already the game principle when the cards came on the market in 1996. Today, children, adolescents and adults play the digital version, with real opponents being the antagonists. However, players today are no longer moving through a game console in a fictional world, they are collecting and fighting in the real world. Using Google Maps, players can locate and catch the Pokémon. Even where the opponents are, the app shows exactly. There are “arenas” for Pokémon fights and “Pokéshops” where players can pick up their rewards. These portals attract many players. All this takes place outside, in the real world. So players need to get up, preferably on foot, to collect Pokémon or fight each other in an arena. However, when the real world is so much linked to the fictional world, players are in real danger. They are often so focused on their smartphone that they completely hide their surroundings. Road traffic takes a back seat before hunt for a Pokémon. Parents should decide wisely, when a child really needs a smartphone and if it has one, if this app is a good choice.From when it makes sense to buy a smartphone.


Technology in the nursery can be quite helpful and make life easier. When purchasing toys or consumer electronics, parents should question themselves, however, self-critically. How useful such toys are, is not always apparent, even on closer inspection. Toys should encourage children to be more imaginative, to move, and to play with other children-in other words, to perceive their outer world. They should neither become couch potatoes nor blindfolded people, hiding the rest of the world. Or even later discover that her parents have spied their little secrets using a pager – a breach of trust, which can hardly be justified.

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