The purchase of a detached house wants to be well considered

Many dream the dream of owning a home, but financing a new home poses some difficulties for families today. Buying a used property can be a worthwhile and cheaper option, but here are some important points to keep in mind.

Important preliminary considerations for buying a house

First of all, future homeowners should be aware of what kind of object they are principally seeking. Should it be a massive house, an energy-efficient house or a log cabin made of wood? Are you looking for a city villa or do you prefer life in a country house? Furthermore, it is important to know how many rooms are needed, how large the living space and the property should be in total. Will the family be bigger or smaller?

In addition, the dream of owning and financing stands or falls. Before you start your search for interesting real estate, you should clarify with your house bank, which budget can be used maximally. The purchase price for house and property are added modernization costs, set-up costs and notary fees. Experts recommend that they finance at least 30 percent of the total amount from equity capital. For the other 70 percent, various financing options exist .

Find the suitable object

There are a variety of ways to become aware of suitable residential properties. You may receive in the next environment, in the neighborhood or in the circle of friends and family information about houses that are for sale. The commission of a real estate agent is also possible, but here comes to a commission. You can also browse newspaper advertisements or search the internet . Using the search masks, the results in terms of budget, floor space and number of rooms can be easily limited.

If you have found an interesting house, the location of the residential property should be analyzed. How far are the ways to schools, kindergartens and shopping? How well is the area connected by bus and train? During the first visit with the seller or his agent you can get an impression of the whole object, visit the individual rooms and look at the garden. Because in contrast to the new building used objects already have a grown garden.

Allow for modernization work and conclude a sales contract

Before the purchase contract is concluded, at least a second visit to the property should take place, preferably with an architect or building expert. During this visit, the house is put through its paces from the basement to the roof. Important points are the water and sewage pipes, electrical installations, the heating system, windows, Internet, telephone and TV connection. In addition, the expert examines walls, floors and ceilings for cracks or moisture. In addition, a look at soil surveys is advisable in order to be informed at an early stage about any pollutants or groundwater problems. Thermal insulation and sound insulation should also be analyzed.

When drafting the purchase contract, you should insist that the phrase “purchased as seen” be replaced by concrete information on house and plot size, identified deficiencies and payment and delivery modalities. The copy to be signed will be sent to you by the notary. During the 14-day reflection period one should examine the contract in detail and ask the notary all open questions . More information on this topic can be obtained from the Consumer Centers .

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