The side plank to work your abs?

Above all, physical exercises are used to maintain a stable weight and a beautiful figure . Thanks to the plank, it is possible to emphasize your muscles and keep them firm and well toned. The side plank more Keto Trim 800 Reviews precisely helps build muscle in the abs. In addition to being able to sculpt his body, those who practice side planking will be able to burn excess fat around the belly by delicately working each muscle of the abdominals.

Sculpt your abs with the side plank

The side plank has been very popular in recent years. It is a strength training exercise that targets the abs and obliques at the same time . This variation of the board is therefore particularly effective for sculpting a pretty chocolate bar while burning the fat stored in the belly and hips, especially the love handles.

Lateral sheathing does not require any device and can be practiced in the room as at home . In addition, both beginners and professionals can get started. You just need to have a good dose of willpower to succeed in your side plank exercises.

How to succeed in this exercise?

The only equipment needed is a gym mat. You must lie on your side by pressing on your forearm. The legs should be tight and the free hand should be placed on the hip. Then, by pressing the whole body on the forearm, the hips must be raised upwards, stabilizing the upper body well .

For beginners, you will have to start with 2 sets of 30 seconds once a day, including one set for each side for a good distribution of the benefits of the board throughout the body. Then, it is necessary to increase the timing and the cadence little by little up to 5 series of 63 seconds for a more confirmed level.

What are the other health benefits of side planking?

Lateral sheathing is not only beneficial to the muscles of the abdominals and obliques. The muscles used also go to the deltoids and triceps which support the whole body. The lower back and the hips are also well worked. The side plank is a great exercise to build muscle for the whole body.

Some tips for keeping your posture

To successfully practice side plank movements, you must keep the alignment of your shoulders, hips and ankles. Also, the elbow with a 90 ° angle should be in the same alignment as the shoulders. You must also follow a good breath since it is a movement that requires good endurance.

The sideboard echoes in all social networks . Its benefits are indisputable and in addition, it helps maintain the line. Keto Trim 800 For even more effects, it is possible to alternate or even combine the side plank with other plank exercises such as the side plank with rotation or the side plank with bent knees.

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