Tips and tricks for buying a baby mattress

Parents want your baby to sleep well. And to make this possible, the right baby mattress is extremely important. The experts at  have put together a few tips to buy and care for the baby mattress, creating a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for the baby.

Why is the right baby mattress so important?

In the first few weeks and months, babies sleep about 15 to 16 hours a day, spending most of their time in their cots. Maximum comfort of the baby mattress is essential for sleep and rest periods. In addition, a wrong mattress can cause permanent postural damage at an early stage, which can be easily prevented.

The ideal baby mattress should comply with the following items in terms of material, hygiene and hardness, so that our little ones can sleep restful.


After birth, the baby’s spine is still round and needs the proper relief and support of a mattress. For this mattresses are made of cold foam, comfort foam and coconut. But also high-quality natural latex has these properties. In addition, it is particularly important for the youngest to pay attention to pollutant-free materials and processing. This can be recognized by the test seals “Öko-Tex 100 Standard” and “Der Blaue Engel”.


In order to ensure the ideal support of the spine, the mattress should be point elastic and have a firm tread edge all around. This prevents the baby from getting his hands or feet trapped between the mattress and the bars. In addition, it is very helpful when the little ones make the first walking and standing attempts.


From a too soft or too firm baby mattress is generally discouraged. Not without reason baby mattresses are normally only available in hardness H1. This is a medium-soft model and thus provides the proper relief and support for the spine.


The mattress should be thoroughly ventilated before use for the first time to remove any unpleasant odors. It is normal for newborns to contaminate the mattress with wetness, salivation, and spitting. To prevent the entire mattress cover from having to be washed every time, wetness protection or molleton pads are very helpful. In addition, baby mattresses should be turned regularly and the cover should be washed to minimize mite risk.


Ergonomically correct lying is important for the still quite soft and sensitive head, since this should not stay permanently in the same lying position, since it can otherwise come to deformations. Since infants can not turn themselves at the beginning, parents should regularly change their lying position. This is also the reason why infants should not sleep on their stomach. Because the little ones can not turn themselves, the oxygen supply can be affected and this leads in the worst case to suffocation .

Again the most important tips summarized:

Cold foam, comfort foam or coconut as a material

Good point elasticity

Hardness H1

Free from harmful pollutants

Washable cover

Fixed tread edge all around

Only use slatted frames with flat strips

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