Tips to consume up to 500 fewer calories per day

We will show you how you can reduce up to a total of 500 calories a day, which translates into a loss of half a kilo of fat per week.

It is well known that to eliminate fat you have to give the body less energy than we need and for this we can do it in two ways: reduce food intake or increase levels of physical activity.

A kilo of accumulated fat in the body is equivalent to approximately 7,200 calories, so the process is certainly not easy, however following these tips we will show you, as you can reduce up to a total of 500 calories Shape Health Keto a day, which It translates into a loss of half a kilo of fat per week.

Half a kilo may not seem like much, but the truth is that this amount is the most advisable to not cause adverse effects to the body, such as adaptive thermogenesis or the dreaded rebound effect. Remember that this is a long process and that it takes time; Trying to hurry things up alone can lead to making the road more difficult, so as they say there: slow but sure.

  1. Chew the food well

It is amazing to see how food hygiene not only declines in nutritional or caloric issues, but also in the way people consume their food. Many people have the bad habit of eating in the shortest possible time, either by gluttony or by their busy lifestyle that even gives them a few minutes to feed.

It has been shown that people who eat slowly and chew food tend to consume fewer calories compared to those who do it quickly. This is because it takes about 20 minutes to reach the feeling of fullness in the brain.

So, the first trick is simply that: chew well. Perhaps at first it may seem tedious to have to count how many jaw movements are made between each bite, but in the long run, this will become a recurring and unconscious habit.

Another trick to reach those 20 minutes is to leave the cutlery seated on the plate after each bite. It seems little, although the truth is that this can lead us to consume up to 300 calories less per meal, according to a study published in The Journal of The American Dietetic Association.

  1. Consume more water and vegetables

Unfortunately, in many developed societies, the consumption of bottled soft drinks has become a habit almost as important as breathing. These types of products are not only full of chemicals and other substances, but also have large amounts of sugar and therefore, with many calories that do not provide any kind of nutrient; that is, they are empty calories.

And the problem lies not only with bottled soft drinks, but also with fruit juices, smoothies, warm drinks, milk and even the beer that is usually present at meetings and sometimes simply to accompany a pizza. All these drinks are full of sugar, so we must avoid them at all costs.

Instead we can choose to drink water at each meal or even some tea, coffee or infusion sweetened with honey or stevia. These drinks are not only calorie-free (almost entirely), but also help to reach a state of satiety much faster, especially when combined with vegetables due to the high fiber content available in it. Fiber is known to expand when it comes into contact with water, which helps to leave less free space for food.

  1. The food is made on the table, not elsewhere

Like the consumption of bottled soft drinks and other sugary drinks, there are people who have the habit of eating in the first place they want, either in the room or in the living room in front of the television.

This may seem a harmless act for health, however, we must bear in mind that this encourages the brain to concentrate on what television shows us and not properly on the food we consume. After a few minutes we will notice how our portions run out despite not having reached that sense of satisfaction.

Eating food at the table will help us focus on what we eat, avoiding excessive caloric intake, as well as allowing us to spend more time living with the family. By doing this, we can save up to 500 calories in food, which is crucial to give way to fat loss.

Do you see how saving those 500 calories a day is so easy? You just have to put your efforts and be aware of what you eat Shape Health Keto Reviews so you can start making small changes that added up, result in something significant. Well they say that fat loss is not about counting the calories we eat, but learning how to eat properly.

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