Walnut butter: nutritional value and calories

In terms of calories, do not fool yourself, nut butter is gargantuan since it contains nearly 600 kcal per 100 grams ! Yet, it naturally finds its place in our diet. How, why, is it good for health, here is a little overview Evo Elite Keto of the nutritional value of nut butter.

The benefits of nut butter

We have just seen it, the latter is very caloric but it has many other characteristics. It contains a lot of protein but very little fiber. Its carbohydrate content is also important but it contains very little salt . Water and vitamins are only found in minute quantities. On the other hand, nut butter is an excellent source of potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.

In addition to a pleasant taste and appreciated by all, the nut butter can indeed make you some services . First, it is a suitable intake of Omega 3 . It helps to strengthen your frame. It also acts on the level of the formation of your muscular mass and also takes care of your complexion.

His action is therefore interesting enough to look into his case. Its use must be more than moderate, especially in the kitchen, so it can be a natural support for your body.

How to make my nut butter myself?

As for all vegetable butter , the recipe is as simple as fast (especially with the thermomix)! Here’s how you will have to proceed:


  • About 250 grams of shelled walnuts and organic
  • 25 grams of almond powder
  • 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil to choose


Slowly but surely mix your 250 grams of nuts before delicately adding almond powder, vegetable oil and possibly a little salt. When you have finally managed to obtain a more homogeneous paste, place your EvoElite Keto Reviews butter in its container. and store it in the fridge the time it freezes.You can then consume it, raw, spread on a slice of bread.

Good to know: you can use an extractor to produce vegetable butter. It is enough that it takes care of nuts and seeds.

Do not forget, your nut butter is good for your body but still very caloric so do not overdo it!

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