What exercises to dry pecs?

For bodybuilding, the dry is inevitable to get rid of the pectoral fat durably and make the muscles on this part clearly visible. To do this, there is no other way to 100% effective than to practice targeted exercises. What are they then? If the exercises to sculpt the pecs are numerous , here is a typical program that could help you to dress your bust.

Physical exercises to do to dry the pectorals

Pumps: the basic exercise

Doing pushups is like working your entire upper body : arms, shoulders and of course the pecs. They even allow you to Keto Sculpt REVIEWS draw your abs . Except to have well rounded torsos, why not tone the whole bust.

For these exercises, you have to perform 3 to 6 sets of 15. The ideal is to always start at your own pace . Once you have gained stamina, you can try to do more.

The dumbbell pullover

This exercise is used to strengthen the bottom of your chest. How to realize it? Take a bench and lie flat on your back. Then hold the load with both hands and extend your arms above your chest .

If you do not have a load, use a bottle filled with water. Once you are settled, bring your arms back, trying not to bend your elbows . When they reach your ears, raise your arms while exhaling. For this time, try doing 30 reps of 5 sets.

The dumbbell fly

Last but not least, this position consists of finishing work. That is to say, it allows to tone your muscles to the maximum . Unlike the previous exercise, this one is realized by taking two charges.

Once you have your back flat, you spread your arms crosswise . Then you make them come back. The repetitions are the same as this one on it.

What are the other exercises to dry the pecs?

As mentioned above, there are many exercises to have dry pecs. In addition to the above program, there is also the dumbbell, the dumbbell or the bench press. We also have frontal elevations or dips.

It should be noted that the exercises vary the morphology of the person. The best would be to use a sports coach.

What you need to know if you want to dry your pecs

During the dry, the most important thing is to be able to reduce the fat mass as much as possible while preserving the muscle mass. To make this possible, you must at all costs avoid consuming more calories than you spend . This is why it is inevitable to combine these exercises with a Keto Sculpt good diet. In this case, there is no menu or anything else, just avoid eating between meals and drink some drinks such as alcohol.

In addition, understand that it is impossible to get rid of fat in the chest without losing weight in other parts of the body.

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